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Seed food for your parrot.

Dieca's seed mixes "Deluxe".

All dieca seed mixes * consist of the following ingredients for the basis,
which are supplemented with extra nuts, fruit and mixes.
And also differ per parrot species.
But the following is in every Dieca's seed mix.
And this makes Dieca's seed mix enormously varied.
With always more than 20 ingredients and a maximum of 14% in sunflower seeds.
Sunflower seeds striped: 5% Sunflower seeds white: 9% Cardy: 17% Buckwheat: 10%
Kemp seed: 4% Shelled oats: 6% Paddy rice: 3% White dari: 3% Sorgho red: 3%
Extra white seed: 4% White millet: 6% Red millet: 2% Pumpkin seeds: 3% Cucumber seeds: 3% Puffed wheat: 3% Puffed corn: 3% Cedar nuts: 2% Raisins: 3% Rosehip fruit: 1%
Chili peppers: 1% Carrot pieces: 4% Extruded pellets: 5%
* with the exception of Rosé Cockatoo "Deluxe".


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