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You can buy toys for your parrot at Dieca.

It is important to alternate and vary the toys of your parrot as much as possible.
Allow each toy to hang for a maximum of 2 days.
This prevents boredom and behavioral problems in parrots.


Below you will find an extensive range of parrot toys.
Dieca has classified the toys in different categories.

  • parrot toys generally.
  • foot and table toy for parrots.
  • educational toys for parrots.
  • forage toys for parrots.
  • Parrot swings, climbing nets and ropes.
  • Make parrot toys yourself.

We also always try to have the newest parrot toys in stock.

Dieca has more parrot toys in the store,
so come and visit us in Horn.
There we can also help you with all your questions about the toys for your parrot.

Of course we also have an informative website for all your questions on www.dieca.nl

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