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Buy parrot / parrot for sale.



If you want to buy a parrot, then you are also at the right place at Dieca.
Dieca always has various types of parrots in the store.
We provide extensive advice in the purchase of a parrot.
And at Dieca you will always be guided from A to Z.
Not only in care and upbringing,
but also in understanding and learning to deal with the behavior of you and your parrot.
You only leave the store after you have followed this complete explanation.

click on ACTUAL OFFER to view our baby parrots.


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Have you already purchased a parrot elsewhere?
Do you actually know anything about raising a parrot or do you have problems?
We offer a solution for you.
Everyone can come to us to follow a behavioral consultation against payment,
which comes standard with the purchase of a parrot at Dieca.
We charge € 100,- for this.
For more information please visit OUR WEBSITE..



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