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In addition to parrot toys, we have everything for your parrot for sale

The Parrot Specialist.


Why do you buy everything for your parrot from Dieca?

Dieca is more than a store, more than a parrot specialist, Dieca is an experience!

At Dieca you will receive professional assistance in a homely atmosphere.
Our professional knowledge about parrots and their upbringing, behavior and housing will quickly give you a good impression of what Dieca stands for.
We also distinguish ourselves by a large assortment of parrot toys
and parrot food of the best quality.
At Dieca, various species of parrots live freely on java trees.
Through a waterfall, the decoration and atmosphere you will find yourself in a real life jungle.

You decide to buy a parrot at Dieca,
then choose a young parrot that has been tested for diseases
and you will be guided from A to Z.
This starts with finding out the species of parrot
that suits you best.

We then provide full advice on accommodation, care and upbringing.
We strive for you to go home confidently with your new acquisition. If you have arrived home and still have questions,
then we from Dieca are always ready for you.

Of course we also do this for a fee for parrots purchased elsewhere.
We give a consultation to get you off to a good start with keeping a parrot. Even then you can count on our professional knowledge and you will be guided from A to Z!

Dieca also has this extensive webshop,
where you can order almost our entire assortment online.
We do our utmost to place your online order
deliver to your home within one to three business days.
You can also ask all your questions about parrots,
care and their behavior.
Also for correct and free trimming of your parrot,
you've come to the right place.

New Logo ...

From 2004 to 2017 we had a Hyacinth Macaw as a logo, in 2017 Zaira, our own green wing macaw became the logo. And we have adjusted the entire corporate identity in 2018.

This is Dieca ...

A clear picture of Dieca as it is now. We have been around for 15 years and are a household name at the Netherlands and abroad.

Free photo shoot.....

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